capture your forever in japan

A photograph.

A photograph that speaks to the soul, capturing all truths in one frame and bringing light to the heart.
Have you ever encountered such a photo?

The photographs you are about to create —photos that will be cherished in your heart—will instantly revive the scenes, the atmosphere, and the memories of the moment.
They will eternalize the journey you have embarked on together and the essence of your love.

We believe in the power of such a photograph.

25+ Nationwide Studiosin Japan

The Decollte Group began its journey in the wedding photography business in 2008 and now spans over 25 studios nationwide, under 6 brands. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we offer journeys to Japan's most captivating, beautiful, and picturesque locations.
Moreover, we continue to expand annually, opening new studios and bringing our clients closer to stunning shooting locations.

In 2021, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our dedication and innovative service led us to become a publicly listed company, reinforcing our role as a leader in the photo wedding market. We are committed to continuing our evolution and consistently pioneering new trends and expanding our reach both in Japan and internationally.

Chosen by Over 25,000 Brides Annually

A Trusted Choice for Wedding Photography in Japan

With over 15 years dedicated exclusively to wedding photography, we are proud to have been chosen by more than 250,000 couples. Our extensive experience not only encompasses domestic clientele but also includes serving international customers, reflecting our global appeal and versatility. Our outstanding reviews attest our commitment to excellence and skill.
With deep expertise and experience, we deliver unforgettable, deeply moving experiences, tailored to each client's unique needs.

Trusted & Qualified Experts

300+ Exclusive Decollte Photographers& Hair Makeup Artists

Our photographers, hair makeup artists, and support staff are exclusive in-house team members, which promotes exceptional creativity and teamwork.
We create photographs that burst with individuality, closely aligning with each client's personal sensibilities and desires. Our makeup services not only enhance your natural beauty but also preserve your unique style, powered by cutting-edge skills that set new standards in the industry.
With over 15 years of experience as specialists in wedding photography, our deep knowledge base ensures that all staff undergo regular skill assessments to enhance and evolve the quality and diversity of our photos. This commitment to excellence is demonstrated by numerous international awards and the vast experience of our team.

As a Japanese company, we offer meticulous and top-tier hospitality, capturing your FOREVER with soul and heart, delivering an experience that goes beyond the frame.

4500+ Extensive Collection of Dresses & Kimonos

Decollte Photography offers an impressive array of over 200 wedding dresses and kimono designs per store, including Japan's traditional wedding attire, wedding dresses, and tuxedos in various designs. Our collection features not only classic Japanese wedding kimonos but also boasts unique and sophisticated modern original designs. Moreover, we also provide imported high-brand dresses from world-renowned brands.
We regularly update our collection with the latest trends from Japan and abroad, making our selection the largest and most diverse in the country.

Decollte International Head Office


Seiwa Umeda building 8F, Sonezaki 2-12-7, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 530-0057, Japan





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